Why a Web Developer

web developer

What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer and a webmaster?


A web developer is the person who strategizes from the beginning, figures out all the pieces from design to platform to coding to video, audio and social media presence, and puts all the pieces together.


At Wyeth Media we do one step further: We help develop a marketing plan, including social media strategy, so that the website serves as the hub for an integrated approach to getting your company in front of your potential audience.


We believe that websites aren't just decorative - they have a job to do. And they should be among the most important tools in the toolkit that you use to build your successful business.


And that, by the way, is why a website for a serious business should cost more than your shoes. Just as you have to make an impression and then back up that impression, your website has to make a great first impression, and then have the flexibility to change as your business evolves.


When you partner with a web developer, you give yourself the opportunity to be present in every digital platform and to reach your ideal audience. Win-Win.