Our Approach

If you think your company needs a website, you're thinking too small. Yes, you have to have a website - in many cases, it's the first thing a consumer is going to know about you, and will affect whether they decide to give you their money.


But a website is one and only one part of a digital presence you need today to capture the attention of consumers. You have to tweet, you need a Facebook account and, if you're a bricks-and-mortar operation, you should be playing nicely with Foursquare. And don't forget the trusty old enewsletter.


If you're feeling overwhelmed by having to create a digital strategy, here's Step 1: Always own your brand name in every platform. Make sure you plant your flag in each online platform as it comes along: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.


There's nothing worse than finding you can't own your name.